Dog Unearths Bizarre Burial Plot In Yuba City Back Yard

A curious dog unearthed a bizarre burial plot in Yuba City, California. The 4-year-old Siberian Husky, named Skye, managed to identify and uncover a burial plot in the back yard of a Nadean Drive home. In addition to human remains, the plot contained numerous weapons and unusual tokens.

Skye’s owner, Aaron Kind, is currently renting the home with several friends. Kind said his dog rarely digs holes. However, she became obsessed with a specific area in the back yard. Kind thought the dog’s behavior was unusual but he never expected his dog to unearth a burial plot.

When Skye refused to stop digging, Kind and his roommates took a closer look at the hole. They were stunned by what they found:

“When we pulled out the head of the doll, it was very creepy looking… We found a cloth and then curiosity kicked in and we just started digging it out more. We pulled out the cloth… inside was a ceramic or clay pot.”

According to Kind, numerous machetes were buried in the ground surrounding the clay pot. When they looked inside the pot, the young men discovered what looked like human remains.

With the discovery of the remains, Kind said the situation “went from kind of cool to kind of serious.” As reported Sacramento Bee, he and his roommates immediately stopped digging and contacted authorities.

Detectives with the Yuba City Police Department collected the remains and the tokens, which were submitted to California State University for closer examination. Experts confirmed that the dog had indeed unearthed a burial plot.

It is unknown how long the remains have been in the back yard. However, Kind said a coin, which was found inside the pot, was dated 1995.

Following an initial evaluation, anthropologists with California State University said the burial plot indicated a religious ceremony. The tokens, and manner of burial, suggest the remains were laid to rest in a traditional Afro-Carribean ritual.

As reported by KCRA News, the anthropologists are currently attempting to determine the age of the remains and whether the person was a victim of crime or died of natural causes.

Authorities have not released the name of the homeowner, or discussed whether the homeowner is a suspect.

Although the remains have been buried for at least 19 years, they would have gone unnoticed if the dog had not discovered the burial plot.

[Image via Shutterstock]