Two Guys Swam Through Flood Waters To Save Stranded Foxes [Photos]

Two men are being hailed heroes in Saskatchewan, Canada, for risking their lives to help save some stranded foxes after an extreme downpour that left the area flooded. The event unfolded on Twitter as one of friends of the heroes documented the event.

First, the weather station warned of impending rainfall and flooding potential.

Fast moving thunderstorms now contributing to extra heavy on-and-off rainfall in #yqr #skstorm

— Nick Schenher (@NickTheBody) June 29, 2014

Next the fox rescue was tweeted to the station.

The news station quickly retweeted the photo and shared it across their social media channels.

The story has been picked up by a number of social media channels and weather stations.
Guys Save Foxes

Post by Sean Schofer TVN.

On the Sean Schofer TVN Facebook page, a number of people claiming to personally know the individuals who saved the foxes have come forward. One Facebook user commented what some of you may be thinking in regards to the danger of a flood rescue, “I don’t want to be negative but I’m sure these people’s wives, children, parents, aunts, uncles etc….would be deeply saddened if something happened to them because they were trying to save a fox…seriously?! commonsense should play a role here… I love animals just as much as the next person, but cannot imagine throwing my life in danger and leaving my children, without a mother, to save an animal.”

In response to the comment, a user named Jessica states:

“I’m his sister & i think its pretty cool!”

Most people are praising the duo for their fox rescue, but others are pointing out the dangers associated with flood waters. For example, as Inquisitr previously reported, two people were killed and others injured in Delray Beach when flood waters reached dangerous levels. In fact, flooding and flash flooding combined are a leading cause of weather-related fatalities in the United States.

The Washington Post reported that an average of 99 people per year perished due to flooding and flash flooding. However, many animal activists are applauding these men for risking their lives to save the lives of these foxes in real danger. What do you think of the rescue, amazing or stupid?

[Photo Credit: Twitter User @derekroeher]