‘The Bachelorette’ 2014 Spoilers: Hometown Dates Narrow The Playing Field Down To 3 After Week 8

After this episode of The Bachelorette 2014, there will be three men for Andi Dorfman to choose from as her final one. She’s getting closer to finding the man she’s meant to be with! What happens in episode 8, which airs July 7th?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Reality Steve posted The Bachelorette spoilers in his blog that breaks down what fans can expect in this episode. In one of the hometown dates, Steve was actually present for the filming of it. He shares a little of what he witnessed and had to go on.

According to Steve’s spoilers, Andi goes to Nick Viall’s hometown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have some drinks at the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee before heading to his parents’ house in Waukesha.

Chris Soules’ hometown date is in Lamont, Iowa. There isn’t anymore information divulged than that. The same goes for Josh Murray and his hometown date in Tampa, Florida. Fans will just have to tune in and see what happens!

The one that has the most information, is Marcus Grodd’s hometown date with Andi in Dallas, Texas. Reality Steve was there for this one when they were shooting scenes at Highland Park Village, “a boutique outdoor mall close to downtown Dallas,” Steve writes.

The couple ate at Bistro 31. Steve was on an upper-level balcony while the film crew were downstairs with Andi and Marcus. Steve shares:

“The only thing they did in the 30 minutes I sat there in boredom watching them (because I couldn’t hear what they were saying), was eat the cupcake that he had given her. Exhilarating stuff I tell ya’…”

Steve wasn’t too impressed with what he saw. He continues in his blog:

“Bottom line is, I could’ve snapped a 100 pics of them sitting there, and all of them would’ve looked exactly the same except for different arm positions. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I couldn’t tell anything other than it was two people walking, talking, and holding hands on a date while a giant cameraman followed them around. It was about as uneventful as you can get, but hey, I figured I’d share it with you.”

Marcus Grodd is eliminated in the rose ceremony. Probably had something to do with there not being much chemistry between him and Andi.

In an off-note, Andi Dorfman squashed a rumor printed by In Touch magazine that she’s pregnant. Andi let Twitter followers know what she thought of that:

“I love learning from a “magazine” that I am “pregnant.” Too bad my cramps didn’t get the memo”

The Bachelorette 2014 season 10, week 8 episode, airs Monday, July 7 on ABC at 8 pm.

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