Prince Harry About To Get Even Richer, British Royal Is Soon To Get Millions Of Dollars

Prince Harry is about to get even richer. The British royal will come into a $17 million inheritance that his late mother, Princess Diana, left to him.

When Harry turns 30 on September 15, he will receive the money, The Mirror reports. $4 million will come off the top in taxes, but if he gives some to charity, he’ll owe somewhere around $3.6 million.

Diana left Prince Harry and Prince William $22 million when her will was drawn up, but investments made have doubled nearly 40 percent since then.

The report notes that Harry and William must pay their share of taxes on inheritance like anyone else. William paid a 40 percent estate tax two years ago when he received his inheritance. A royal insider tells The Mirror:

“William got hit with a hefty bill when he turned 30 and so will Harry. His aides have to work out the most tax-efficient way for him to handle the money.”

Princess Diana’s money came from various sources, including her divorce settlement from Prince Charles, shares, jewelry, cash, and personal items from Kensington Palace. Diana divided the inheritance equally between her two sons. William will inherit Duchy of Cornwall estate from his father when he becomes the Prince of Wales.

Diana had the will drawn up in 1993, according to the Daily Mail. Originally, both princes were suppose to receive their inheritances when they were 25 years old. The reports reveals that “details of the will were changed by a variation order granted by the High Court on Dec 19 1997 — three months after her premature death in a Paris car crash.”

Prince Harry now makes about $60,000 in as an army captain.

The Mirror couldn’t help but note in its report that the $17 million inheritance will more than keep the “playboy” prince quite happy.

The prince is currently on a royal tour in Chile upon going there to support a British football team. On Sunday he spent time at a center in Santiago that specializes in care for children who have mental and physical disabilities. He was a hit with kids at the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus. A 3-year-old girl named Eileen Rivero gave him a big kiss — in addition to other little girls who were smitten with the charming prince. He played games with the children and took part in dances. He appeared to be having a genuinely good time of it. Prince Harry laughed when a 7-year-old boy took the microphone from him while he was trying to give a speech.

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