TNA News: TNA Reportedly Paid Matt Hardy Double His Normal Fee To Return

When it comes to TNA, you never really know what they are going to do next. A while back, TNA let Matt Hardy go…many believing they made the right decision due to problems he was going through. Now TNA has reportedly paid Matt Hardy double to return to the company for a match this past week.

Hardy’s normal wrestling fee is $1,500 per night, plus hotel and gas expenses. Of course, he also asks for $300 for his wife, Reby. I am not sure why; unless she is on the card, why she should get paid. However, I do not make those kinds of calls.

As TNA announced, the Hardy brothers were set to take on the American Wolves. Or The Wolves as TNA calls them. Way to kill old glory, guys.

The match was said to be a classic, but sadly it does not seem Matt is willing to sign a long-term deal with TNA. He would like to work with both TNA and ROH, but this seems impossible. This was actually a problem dating back years ago, and one of the main reasons guys like Austin Aries and CM Punk decided to not work for TNA for a while….in CM Punk’s case, ever again.

Matt Hardy

TNA ended up paying him double his normal fees, assuming it could entice him to potentially sign a long-term deal and work with his brother again. While Jeff and Matt have always been a great team, both men do well alone. Matt also seems happy with just doing his wrestling material from time to time and does not want to be held down with a contract.

He revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that due to his long work with WWE, he is financially set for life and does not have to wrestle if he doesn’t want to. However, he enjoys it and does not want to stop. He feels that he can make a good enough paycheck and go anywhere needed with the price he sets for himself, along with the fact that he still gets to have fun. It doesn’t seem like a bad deal if you ask me.

TNA would have to offer Matt something that he simply could not turn down for him to return. Clearly, TNA is a crowded roster, and he would most likely be used in the middle of the pack just as he always has been in WWE and even in his time with TNA.

TNA is very tough to trust on their word, as well; so knowing Matt, who is very smart, he won’t sign a long-term contract with them anytime soon.

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