WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Said To Be Second Coming Of Vince McMahon After RAW Segment

It should come as no shock to anyone that Stephanie McMahon picked up some of her father Vince McMahon’s habits. Stephanie in actually a brilliant business woman exactly as her father is a brilliant business man. She has been an executive in WWE for years and even got in the ring a bit in her time. She has even been physical as of late, like her father did before her.

Now that Vince’s character is done, at least for a while, another McMahon needed to step up to bring that McMahon factor no one else could bring. Her segment with a departing Vickie Guerrero was so good that Vickie finally got cheered. Literally, who else could bring that out of fans? No one in WWE history has been able to get her cheers, but Stephanie did. Vickie has always been one of the most hated characters in WWE. She is a heat magnet that many just love to hate. However, Stephanie harnessed what there was to love and exploited it.

Due to her tremendous ability to get over as a heel, Stephanie was getting a lot of love from people backstage. On Monday however, she was praised greatly for her work in the Vickie segments. So much so in fact, many have called her “the second coming” of Vince McMahon. As many know, she is able to get love and hate at the drop of a dime. Vince is able to do that too, which is uncanny.

It’s easy to relate the two. While Shane was always good in the ring and could draw love for his work there, Stephanie was always able to do it on the mic, just like Vince. Stephanie has become a valuable part of the show each week, and without her something would be missing. The ability she has to draw hate from fans is unlike any other, because she could always flip the script and be loved by fans if she wanted. Other than maybe Kane, no other talent has been able to flip script from face to heel, heel to face like the McMahon’s.

Stephanie is certainly excelling in her authority role. Fans everywhere seem to hate her, despite the fact she’s clearly only playing a character on TV. She is so believable as an authority figure that you can really believe it, and that alone is interesting. She is technically an authority member in real life, just like her father. Both hold high positions, so when they talk about being the boss and come across a certain way, you really can grasp onto it…because it’s kind of true.

WWE may be losing Vince one day, but it seems they will be in safe hands with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H running things. Whether or not you’re fans of them simply does not matter, both will be around in high positions for decades to come it seems.

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