TNA News: TNA President Dixie Carter Legitimately Hurt At iMPACT Taping

Authority members in Pro-Wrestling have seemingly always been part of Television angles in some way, whether it be NWA, TNA, WCW, or what have you. Story-lines didn’t get really physical with front office people as wrestlers and the people who ran the business remained separate.

Things really began to change with the wrestler/front office dynamic back when WWE Chairman Vince McMahon stepped foot in the ring. Many think he truly started the mesh between wrestlers and front office workers. Vince McMahon, an untrained yet in shape individual, entered the ring to take shots from major names like Steve Austin, The Rock, and Triple H.

It should come as no surprise that his children followed in his footsteps. Stephanie McMahon became a Women’s Champion and wrestled some of the top women in the WWF at the time. Meanwhile, Shane McMahon fueled an adrenaline addiction by having some of the most memorable, crazy spots in all of Pro-Wrestling, much less WWE.

As might be expected from a former superstar wrestler, when TNA opened it’s doors, the founder, Jeff Jarrett, stepped in the ring on a regular basis. He was, however, still in shape and not just a promoter. All of TNA Authority figures who have gotten physical have been former wrestlers or current ones. However, it seems that Dixie Carter was finally ready to get her wrestling spot initiation over with.

Carter has never fully invested herself into TNA. She’s always been a name that represented the company due to the fact that her father’s company, Panda Energy, owns the largest portion of TNA. She has no prior promoting experience in wrestling and has mostly been in the music industry. She’s not an athlete by any means, either.

It should come as a shock that she’d actually get physical, but at a recent New York iMPACT taping, she went through a table at the hands of Bully Ray. TNA was building this up, but no one actually considered that Dixie would do the spot. Yet, Dixie did go through the table, similar to how Ray did to May Young years ago where he powerbombed her through the table.

Despite his best efforts to protect Carter, Dixie did end up getting hurt. She was seen walking and talking without any apparent problems after the event, but there were rumors she hurt her neck and had a concussion. It was confirmed that she was banged up, but to the extent of a concussion? That has yet to be fully confirmed.

This spot was done to write Carter off TV for a while, but it may have caused her more harm than good. This is the first time she has gotten physical, and due to the fact she is not trained….she could have landed wrong. Obviously, Bully Ray would never want to intentionally hurt her, despite what you see in their TV storyline.

Screencap of Dixie Carter high above the ring as Bully Rays powerbombs her through a table.
The night they drove old Dixie down.

TNA realizes that Dixie is hated by so many, and her going through a table will make a lot of people happy. This is why the spot was done obviously. Due to the fact Dixie will be off TV for a while after this month, we should not expect her to do many more spots. She will be back on TV in the future however.

The spot is set to air down the line as TNA did a few tapings in New York this past week. They usually tend to film an entire month’s worth of material when they go out of the Florida area.

Will you be among the legions of TNA fans who can’t wait to see Dixie get her just desserts and eat a table sandwich?

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