WWE News: Major SummerSlam Storyline And Match Pushed Back

WWE has taken quite a hit recently in the shock department. The DVD poster for SummerSlam this year may have already spoiled the main event and subsequently, the Money in the Bank title match. If the writing is on the wall, John Cena will be victorious tonight and be the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Roman Reigns, WWE’s next “mega-star” according to Stone Cold, was always rumored to face Triple H at SummerSlam this year. Well, plans may have been altered quite a bit.

There was at least some talk within WWE of saving Roman Reigns vs. Triple H until the September Night of Champions pay-per-view as a big match that will help push WWE Network renewals for the earlier subscribers. It was reported that Reigns vs. Kane would take place at Battleground with Reigns vs. Orton at SummerSlam, if they went that route but as we noted this morning, Reigns vs. Orton is already booked for Battleground.

The scenario seems very similar to what WWE did with Daniel Bryan on his way to the top. Reigns will face one henchman, then the next henchman, until he finally goes face-to-face with the big boss. Quite honestly, it sounds like a level of Pokémon.

WWE saw how well the Bryan storyline went over with the fans and will continue with the same pattern. However, WWE sometimes doesn’t know when to change things up a bit.

Stone Cold is correct by saying Reigns is the next mega-star. Triple H knows it, Vince McMahon knows it, and the fans massive amounts of cheers only solidify that claim. Dean Ambrose is at odds with Seth Rollins; a match between the two is looming at WWE BattleGround or Night of Champions.

Do you agree with pushing the Reigns/HHH match back a few pay-per-views?

Roman Reigns staring down the boss.

It’s just delaying the inevitable that Reigns will come out on top once again. If WWE is smart, and in some cases they can be, Reigns will not lose until he becomes the WWE World Heavyweight champion at WrestleMania 31. That’s just a hunch, but a good one at that.

He is the current-day Superman (no pun intended). Since day one, the fans attached themselves with Reigns in a way that very few do these days. With the product being very stale and over-saturated, one man must come out on top to set him apart from the rest.

Along with Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Cesaro will do that for WWE.

Money in the Bank is tonight. If WWE decides to pull a little swerve tonight and split the titles, Reigns could get one of them. It would probably be the World Heavyweight belt, but that just doesn’t feel right. It’s evident that he will be WWE champion of some kind come WrestleMania 31.

Having him battle through the levels of destruction could be the best way to do so. Check back here for all the latest WWE updates on Money in the Bank and the future of Roman Reigns vs. Triple H.

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