New York Mets Trade Rumors: David Price Is Possible, What Would It Cost?

New York Mets trade rumors are heating up, and there is a real possibility they could be contenders for David Price. As MLB heads towards the July 31 trade deadline, the next team for David Price has been expected to be a team making a serious playoff push. Interestingly enough, the New York Mets find themselves in a position to actually contend for the National League East division.

What would it cost the Mets to acquire one of the best pitchers in baseball right now? While most New York Mets trade rumors have centered around Daniel Murphy, the reality is they will need to be willing to part with one of their star prospects. The Tampa Bay Rays are known for their desire to stockpile assets, much like the Miami Marlins when they go on their epic fire sales.

In an interview with the New York Times, Rays GM Andrew Friedman spoke about Tampa’s reasons for being willing to trade Price. “The trades that we’ve made, looking back, the only reason we got good players in return is because we traded really good players. And so it’s important for us to know what our weaknesses are and what our limitations are and operate within them.”

The most likely destination for David Price is a big market team with young pitching prospects. Of all the big market teams, the New York Mets possess some of the best pitching prospects available. Tampa Bay would probably jump at the opportunity to get their hands on either Noah Syndergaard or Rafael Montero, the Mets’ two best minor league pitchers. Would the New York Mets trade either one of these players for the expiring contract of David Price?

Although they would be more willing to part with Montero than Syndergaard, the New York Mets trade rumors should absolutely leave both players on the table. Acquiring David Price gives the Mets the opportunity to win now, and possibly even make a playoff push. They are hanging around the five to six games back mark, and adding a staff ace like David Price could easily be the difference. Also, the Mets could sign Price to the contract he is looking for in the offseason. And why wouldn’t Price be willing to play in New York while helping a team contend for the playoffs?

Of course, any trade would have to include more from the New York Mets. They would most likely have to send either Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, or possibly both to the Tampa Bay Rays. Daniel Murphy has been the talk of a lot of New York Mets trade rumors and has been swinging a hot bat. An offensive threat that can play anywhere in the infield but shortstop, he would be an asset for the Rays. Lucas Duda has yet to realize his inevitable role as a designated hitter in the American League. The Rays could use a young power hitter in that role who is capable of playing outfield and first base.

Although there is still a month to go before the trade deadline, do not be surprised to hear more New York Mets trade rumors surrounding David Price.

[Image via Sports World Report]