Atlanta Braves Rumors: Aaron Harang Trade Could Bring Relief Pitching

Atlanta Braves rumors involving an Aaron Harang trade are in full swing after the team split a series with the National League East division leading Washington Nationals. The Atlanta Braves are 4-6 in their last ten games and are moving the wrong way in run differential. Only the San Diego Padres are worse at scoring runs.

Although many fans would like to see Atlanta Braves rumors surrounding a trade to bring in more hitting, the B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla contracts make it nearly impossible to bring in the help they need. The bottom line is that the Braves bats need to come alive. The only Atlanta Braves trade rumors that make any sense at this point is to try and improve their relief pitching.

Injuries have left the Atlanta Braves pitching staff decimated, and yet they continue to plug in pieces. After Gavin Floyd went down with a broken elbow, the Braves were able to promote Alex Wood back into the starting rotation. Injuries to Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy left the Braves wondering who would start for them. Things looked up early as veterans Ervin Santana and Aaron Harang far exceeded expectations.

Both of those pitchers have since crashed back down to earth. Before the Floyd injury, he and Harang were rumored to most likely be traded for relief pitching for the Braves. With Floyd out of the picture, Harang is all that is left. Atlanta has struggled to get the left handed pitching they need in the bullpen. Luis Avilan had been filling that role nicely in previous year’s, but has struggled this season.

Unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves, not many teams are going to be interested in Harang. The Braves will most likely need to package a prospect as well in order to make the trade possible. Left-handed relief pitching is hard to come by, and teams are not going to part with one easily. The Braves organization is full of young starting pitchers and could turn one of them into a solid veteran reliever.

If the Atlanta Braves rumors about an Aaron Harang trade prove to be true, David Hale could move from the bullpen back into the starting rotation. As the season teeters on the brink, Hale could benefit from getting some more innings. In a tough, three way battle for first place, Atlanta needs to be concerned about winning now and getting experience for their young players. Harang is simply not a part of the Atlanta Braves’ long term plans.

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