James Rodriguez Leads Colombia Past Uruguay With Two Amazing Goals, World Cup

If you haven’t heard of James Rodriguez, get used to it. The Colombian midfielder has been causing a stir at the 2014 World Cup and on Saturday, he continued his amazing campaign scoring two incredible goals that propelled his team past two-times champions, Uruguay, and onto the next round of the knockout stage.

The 22-year-old was simply spectacular, cool-headed and precise, something he has been doing throughout the tournament. In a decisive match, where the loser goes home, James — as he is known in Colombia– was the star.

Uruguay was still reeling from the Luis Suarez bite and suspension fiasco. Los Celestes clearly missed Suarez — their best player — and were unable to stop the much younger Colombians.

But the real star of the match was the Colombian youngster, James Rodriguez, who didn’t let his opportunities to score pass. The footballer has been the biggest surprise of this World Cup — scoring five goals in four games and standing as the World Cup’s top scorer — and many see a bright future for the AS Monaco FC man.

Everyone on social media is talking about that first amazing goal James Rodriguez scored in the 28th minute. As a matter of fact, people are so impressed that some are calling it THE goal of the World Cup so far, and they may be right. Take a look.

Not many outside of Colombia and the AC Monaco FC rivals have probably heard of James Rodriguez, but after today, we can safely assume the midfielder has arrived in the biggest international stage of them all, the World Cup. And what a way to make an entrance.

Colombia has had a Cinderella tournament, qualifying in first place in Group C, even though some think they didn’t really have much competition. Nonetheless, the South Americans, with James Rodriguez as their leader, cruised through the groups stage and ended with nine points, nine goals scored, and only two scored against them.

In the 50th minute, James Rodriguez scored another beauty, effectively putting the game away, against an Uruguay, who was a shadow of the great team that reached the semifinals in 2010. James’ second goal was not as spectacular as the first, however, it seemed just as effortless.

James Rodriguez. Remember that name and make sure you watch what happens after each goal Colombia scores in the World Cup. They have a pretty awesome celebration dance.

[Image via Twitter]