The Best Third Wheel In The World [VIDEO]

Being the third wheel is usually an awkward situation. For most couples, inviting a third wheel to hang out isn’t because they want an awkward situation in the first place. Most of the time, they are just being sympathetic to you being single. For a single person, being around a couple constantly showing affection can be a punch to a gut… unless you’re the best third wheel in the world!

The above video was uploaded on Youtube by the Wong Fu Productions channel on June 25, 2014. It now sits at a little under half a million views. Though not as popular as other Youtube videos, which may be from a perceived view of being located outside of the United States, despite being based in Pasadena, California, it still utilizes a subject that has the potential for humor. Why? Because everyone, at one time or another, has experienced being the third wheel–well, if you live in the First World, since it is probably more a #FirstWorldProblem than anything else.

I love how the video comes off like a sophisticated public service announcement. Trevor, our host, is even dressed to the nines with a sleek hairstyle and a bow tie. As the video progresses, he explains what makes him the best fifth wheel in the world. This includes being able to take couple selfies, buying food, keeping a distance of a whole block away during private walks, and other little things just to prove his point. It ends when he observes two couples enjoying a night out on the town, both with their own “third wheel”… but she so happens to be the “fifth wheel.”

In conclusion, this video doesn’t really have a message, such as Pantene or Always did. Instead, it just presents hilarity just like Barely Political did with their Youtube Complaints video for 2014. True, there are websites out there that truly present a seriously honest approach to being a third wheel, such as on Madame Noire, but Wong Fu Productions wasn’t aiming for that, and I am sure the many who have seen this video are happy they didn’t.

For more information on Wong Fu Productions, check out their official website.

[Image via Wong Fu Productions’ The Best Third Wheel In The World Video]