All YouTube Complaints For 2014 Shows That Elsa From ‘Frozen’ Hates All Her Song Parodies

Every single year, there are brand new changes added to YouTube to help improve its functionality, all to the benefit of the user and the people behind the scenes working at their desk jobs. However, every single year, the same complaints come up along with newer ones. Google could have compiled all their complaints into a very boring “how to” questionnaire video but instead, one of their subscribers answered them in this amazing video filled with hilarity guaranteed to at least make you laugh… and for those who are tightly wound with their comedy, at least make you smile.

The video was uploaded by the YouTube channel, Barely Political, on June 27, 2014, it is already sitting on being the fourth most popular video on the site (which is constantly changing so it may not be anymore by the time you read this) and has over 800,000 viewers. In it, YouTubers tell you exactly what is wrong with YouTube in 2014. Some of them are real complaints such as how to set up an account, how to get more views, how to be funny, and the such. So far, my personal favorite solution to a complaint is to lag. The YouTube desk girl tells the guy their website is now optimized and the reason is not lag, but the guy has a stuttering problem. That made me laugh inwardly because I have problems with that on poor internet connections.

My personal favorite complaint is when Queen Elsa, from Disney’s Frozen, appears and demands that all parodies of her song, “Let it Go,” be taken down because they are horrible. She also demands that all parodies of Lorde’s songs (probably just “Royals”) be taken down too. It’s funny because the YouTube desk girl can’t even do her job because she is so star struck.

There is one fact about this video I didn’t know that is cool. According to Reel SEO, there are numerous guest appearances from well-known YouTube acts and channels such as Gregory Brothers, DudePerfect, Vsauce, and Rhett and Link. I honestly don’t know these guys, but I’ll check them out eventually. Personally, I like stuff such as Epic Rap Battles of History, Screw Attack, or the Numberphile.

Nevertheless, enjoy the video. It may be over eight minutes long, but it was worth the sit-through. Also, let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Image via Barely Political’s YouTube Complaints 2014 Video]