Fisher-Price Delivers X-Rated Christmas Surprise

Some children may get a very saucy surprise if they call the 800 number on the back of their Christmas presents.

Fisher-Price apparently printed the number to an adults-only hotline on the back of its Digital Arts and Crafts Studio DVD by mistake.

The number was supposed to be 1-888-892-6123. Fisher-Price isn’t saying what it printed instead, but we thought we’d try to figure it out.

As it stands, 892-6123 spells “TWAN123.” I’m guessing the last three digits, 123, were meant to be left as numbers.

Substitute the 6 (the “N”) for an 8 (a “T”), and I think we might just have our answer.

‘Tis the season. Here’s hoping the kiddies don’t try to call for more information.