Britney Spears Thrilled That Miranda Lambert Works Out To Her Music

Britney Spears is incredibly happy that country singer Miranda Lambert uses her music whenever she’s working out.

In case you haven’t heart, Lambert is looking slimmer than ever these days. After the media gave her all sorts of grief for putting on a little weight, she decided to fight back by debuting her leaner look on the cover of Women’s Health magazine.

Instead of downing a glass of Instant Weight Loss or whatever nonsense Dr. Oz is peddling to these masses, the country star decided to drop the pounds the old-fashioned way. That meant hitting the gym on a regular basis, a feat that apparently included working out to music crafted by the one and only Britney Spears.

“Like if I put on Britney, I can picture Britney’s body and I’m like, ‘Oh! Faster!'” Lambert told the magazine. We’re hoping she meant this as a compliment, and wasn’t inspired by some of Spears’ less-than-flattering moments. However, we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt this time around.

According to Us Weekly, Britney Spears definitely took the shout-out as a compliment. She even sent Lambert a friendly message courtesy of Jamie Lynn Spears. Since Britney is busy lip syncing her hits in Las Vegas, commenting on Mirand’s Women’s Health interview was placed in the capable hands of her kid sister.

Spears said in a statement via her sibling’s Instagram account:

“So flattered by this @mirandalambert! My sister @jamielynnspears just showed me. You look amazing!”

Lambert fired back:

“This is so cool! Thanks girls!”

While Miranda Lambert is buzzing about her connection with Britney Spears, Keira Knightley is a little busy trying to convince people she isn’t the “Toxic” singer. The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress was mistaken for Spears on three separate occasions. Depending on her opinion of Spears, that was either an incredibly compliment or the biggest insult in the entire world.

Knightley told Graham Norton:

“I get Kate Winslet as well. but the one that’s surprising is Britney Spears. I get quite excited because I quite like the idea that I could do like that [mimes shimmying], which I can’t do. So I’ve been Britney Spears like three times.”

What do you think about Miranda Lambert working out to Britney Spears’ music? What sort of tunes do you play when you’re working out?

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