‘Doctor Who’ Is Back August 23rd, Here Is The Teaser You Have Been Waiting For [Video]

The BBC America announced that Doctor Who will be returning with the 12th Doctor played by Peter Capaldi on August 23rd. According to the release and Mashable, the title of the first episode will be “Deep Breath” and will air August 23rd at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America. Along with the announcement came the teaser Whovians across the globe have been waiting for with anticipation. See the official teaser and Peter Capaldi in his new Doctor attire for the first time below.

The teaser may be short, but it is enough for many Whovians to get their kicks before the end-of-summer release. Doctor Who lovers have taken to twitter with their commentary on the teaser.


Others are speculating were a little more comical suggesting a possible rouse to keep people from remembering election results.

Numerous Doctor Who Facebook fan sites were also sharing the good news.

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In other Doctor Who news, Matt Smith will go from time lord to terminator as he joins the new terminator film cast.

Now you have seen the much anticipated teaser, what do you think? How do you think Peter Capaldi will perform as The Doctor?

[Photo Credit: BBC America]