Pfizer Wants To Make Lipitor An Over-The-Counter Drug

Pfizer is hoping to gain FDA approval so they can begin selling popular cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor over-the-counter.

The FDA has been wary about allowing people to use statins without doctor supervision, however the company loses their patent for the drug in November and making it an over-the-country option could save the company millions of dollars in revenue on an annual basis.

Pfizer executives believes that an Over-The-Counter option would sell for far less than the current price of $4 to $5 per pill.

It’s likely that the drug will turn generic and continue to be prescription based, in the meantime we expect the battle over OTC statins to pick up.

Would you be willing to take a statin without the supervision of your doctor? Given the list of side effects that could occur, I personally believe Lipitor as an RX drug.