WWE News: WWE Superstars Just Now Getting WrestleMania 30 Pay, Several Angry With Low Payout

In what may come as a surprising move, WWE has just now gotten around to paying WWE Superstars and Divas that were on the WrestleMania 30 event. The delay was due to the fact that WWE was using the WWE Network to broadcast the event through along with PPV. The numbers were down because of this, so due to the fact that they had a delay in what they were owed, WWE had to pay late.

This is also an issue when it comes to the amount as well. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE talent is said to be upset regarding the amount they are set to get from the show and PPVs afterward. Dish Network and other cable companies in America have decided to drop WWE PPVs, meaning they will either force those customers to get WWE Network or several people who used to buy a WWE PPV off and on will no longer do so.

Due to the low PPV numbers, WWE is set to get less for events. This means that talent will get less money. WWE is also in a pickle because the talent has made less for house shows, and the WrestleMania payoff each year is really helpful for all on the card… especially someone like Daniel Bryan who was in two matches.

This is a telling sign for WWE and where it is at with the WWE Network. They have yet to pass one million subscribers and word, and now that the 6 month commitment is over, some have stopped paying the $10 a month for it. Now one would imagine that the WWE Network is the best thing to come along for a wrestling fan in decades. Thousands of hours of footage from WWE, NWA, WCW, ECW, AWA, WCCW, etc. On top of that, new original programming is on there AND the whammo: all WWE 12 PPVs including WrestleMania. How can you beat that financially? Easily you save hundreds if you get all 12 PPVs each year.

Clearly it is a WWE fan’s paradise, as you can relive past events and save money on the present day stuff. You’d think that would be enough to entice people to buy. I’m sure Vince McMahon is scratching his head wondering why 9 million people have the WWE app, and less than 1 million bought the WWE Network. Besides the free factor of one, the other saves so much money per year. So one would imagine the marketability is there with WWE Network.

Sadly at this point, the WWE will pay talent less for the events. Until the WWE Network fully gets off the ground and going, lower pay will come from these events. WWE talent still does get good money, but the bonuses from this show helps out a lot for the lower seed talent. Without it, many will not be happy.

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