WWE News: Mick Foley's Name Banned From WWE Programming

Jon Fisher

Mick Foley continues to be a controversial figure in the professional wrestling industry. While he hasn't wrestled since the 2010, Foley never stifled his mind from blaring his own opinions about the business, especially the WWE. Possibly for that reason, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that his name has been banned.

"We noted before how Mick Foley pointed out that WWE announcers wouldn't acknowledge him when Bad News Barrett does the elbow drop off the apron. The feeling after this week's RAW was that it was clear the announcers are given the directive not to mention Foley's name."

However, the reason for WWE's 'blacklisting" of Foley's name could be due to his mouth. In January, the Hardcore Legend ripped the Royal Rumble to shreds. He claimed that not having Daniel Bryan in the main event was a terrible decision.

I can't say that Foley is incorrect with his claims, but clearly, the verbose Foley antagonized the WWE and paid the price for it. On his Facebook page, Foley often writes his thoughts on the product for the WWE Universe to see. Evidently, the WWE themselves must have taken a peek at his social media profile.

Take this post about Dolph Ziggler, for example, and the evidence will be staring at you in the face:

"Look, I was in attendance the night Dolph Ziggler - WWE Universe cashed in his #MoneyInTheBank briefcase and became World Heavyweight Champion. That crowd was with it, and with Ziggler, becasue they knew he had EARNED the right to be World Heavyweight Champion - not because he had a briefcase in his possession, but because he busted his butt and came up big every time he entered the ring."

WWE does not take kindly to people, especially former employees, trying to say mistakes are currently being made. It's no secret that Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon believe they know everything about professional wrestling. Minds like Foley, Jim Ross and Paul Heyman don't write for WWE. The product is suffering, and Monday Night Raw proves that hypotheses to be true.

After the silence of Foley's name began, WWE will yet again make something relevant taboo. After just voicing his opinion, does WWE feel threatened? Probably not, but nobody likes to be told they are doing something wrong.

Needless to say, Foley will be in a WWE ring before it is all said and done. Right now, the Long Island, New York-native enjoys his one-man show that tours around the world. Tickets can be found at ticketmaster.com. How's that for a free pop?

WWE blacklisting Foley's name may just be a rumor, but according to the most respected-wrestling website on the internet, it is very true. In my opinion, it won't bother the Hardcore Legend. Then again, he would sign another Legends contract if he could be Santa Foley at Christmas time and be a part of Adam Rose's Rosebuds.

WWE may not be interested anytime soon.

[Images via Bing and wrestlescoop.com]