Holiday World Opening World's Longest Water Coaster In May 2012 [Video]

James Johnson

Water coaster fanatics have reason to celebrate today as Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana has announced plans to open "Mammoth" in May 2012, the water slide will be the largest in existence.

Costing $9 million to construct the ride will be 1,753 feet long and cover three acres of the Splashin' Safari area, bringing the park to 30 total acres. The ride will stand 69 feet all and offer a first drop of 53 feet at a 45 degree angle with five more drops along the way.

To experience the ride 10 six-passenger boats with individual seatbacks will be used, meaning riders can be facing in various directions as they ride the coaster.

The ride was announced today, the 65th anniversary of the park.

At this time the speed and time length of the ride are not known and will be revealed when testing has been completed before official launch.

Here's a video of the upcoming Mammoth water coaster:

Are you ready to ride Mammoth? Just be sure to bring along 5 friends or family members to enjoy the experience together.