Does Victoria’s Secret Think You’re Too Fat?

Social media and customers of Victoria’s Secret were outraged after a post was made in the “personals” section for Iowa City on Craigslist yesterday.

A person claiming to be a representative of the Victoria’s Secret in the North Park Mall of Davenport, but keeping their name anonymous, posted a rant titled, “Fat girls at Victoria’s Secret.”

The hurtful rant targeted plus-size customers:

I work at the [ Victoria’s Secret ] in North Park and I am always amused when fat girls come in and shop. I have to hold myself from laughing when they say they need something for their ‘curves’ because they are ‘thick’. So then basically we end up wandering around for the next 10 minutes before it dawns on them that there is nothing that will look halfway decent in – or as they like to put it ‘nothing that’s really me’. Lol go to Home Depot for a tarp because that’s the only thing that is going to be flattering. And of course they always have to say something like ‘my boobs are too big for this’. I’m sorry but your boobs stopped being boobs 50 lbs ago. They’re just masses of fat day fat. Of course most of the time they just leave without buying anything and make their way to Lane Bryant lol.

A spokesperson from Victoria’s Secret responded, according to KWQC, by saying, “We are appalled by the views expressed by the alleged associate as they are in direct conflict with our company values and our associate training. We are investigating the situation and will take appropriate action as such behavior will not be tolerated.”

Since the author of the abhorrent rant did post anonymously, there’s no telling whether or not she actually does work at Victoria’s Secret; none-the-less, the words are out there.

According to Dr. Steve Kopp, this possible associate of Victoria’s Secret could well have opened a door to cyber-bullying with her rant.

Plus-size men and women face a great deal of bullying, both online and off. As a result, people as little as five or ten pounds overweight can suffer from broken self-esteem. Clothes shopping, meeting new people, and even getting married can bring a less confident plus-size person anxiety and panic.

For a plus-size woman to even walk into Victoria’s Secret, where the majority of the models are no larger than Alessandra Ambrosio, takes confidence and a very healthy mental state. To be exposed to the kind of rant posted above, feels like a malicious attack.

Victoria’s Secret will likely be forced to take action in their investigation in order to retain their plus-size customers and make them feel comfortable again.

[ Image courtesy of Business Insider ]