Mega Millions: Winners Should Protect Lottery Earnings, Avoid Lottery Curse

Mega Millions June 2014 is already up to $33 million is reporting. Mega Millions is always drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays. With the odds stacked against the average player, the chance to win is slim. However, someone will be a lucky winner when the next Mega Millions drawing is held tonight at 11 pm ET. But the winner should be careful and avoid what some are calling the lottery curse.

Since Megan Millions began in 2002, the game is played in only 43 states, not including Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah. Megan Millions was first named the Big Game, which sold its first tickets in 1996, according to MLive.

With the Mega Millions jackpot increasing, the potential to win is enough to have Americans excited about the chance to be the lucky winner. “I know, I’ll be the lucky winner,” one man boasts. While another Mega Millions aspirant says, “I will most definitely have the winning ticket.”

And people are already planning how they’ll spend their money if they win the Mega Millions jackpot: “I just wanna hit mega millions and put all the homies on,” “When I hit the mega millions I’m gonna look back @ these peasant days & laugh,” “I wish I could win the mega millions so I could just chill with my dog all day.”

Other Mega Millions hopeful have more serious goals, such as buying elaborate gifts for friends and family, while others will pay off debts and past bills. Some who are feeling particularly well-meaning and kindly vow to donate a certain amount to their favorite charities or hospitals.

Not to be a killjoy, but it is important for those hoping to win the Mega Millions to bring that excitement down a notch and think about how to protect themselves from being victims of criminals. For every person planning how to spend their mega millions, there is a person planning how to beat the winner out of it.

When rags to riches winner Abraham Shakespeare won the $30 million lottery, his mother told him the money was cursed. Shakespeare disappeared in 2009 but was later found murdered under a concrete slab in the backyard of a home of Dee Dee Moore and her boyfriend. Dee Dee Moore, Abraham Shakespeare’s friend turned part-time lover, promised to write a book about him but killed him and buried his body instead.

Mega Millions winners need to protect lottery earnings.

In 2013, Chicago resident Urooj Khan died the day after winning a $425,000 jackpot. The death, thought to be caused by poisoning, was later ruled a homicide. No one has been arrested for his mysterious death.

Now while these two cases may sound a bit far-fetched, there are a number of lottery winners who have been the victims of crimes since winning. Whoever the Mega Millions winner will be, they would do well to learn from others past experiences and the advice of others who have won the lottery or Mega Millions. One person’s experience was chronicled in the book How Winning the Lottery Changed My Life: Windfall: A Blessing Or A Curse? by Sandra Hayes.

Another good book for those hoping to win Mega Millions is Making Millions For Dummies by Robert Doyen and Meg Schneider, a book that gives plenty of advice for those seeking to protect their money.

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