Rob Lowe Flood: Hunk Barely Escapes French Rivera Home In Grasse, France


Rob Lowe was involved in a near-death experience during his European vacation in the French Riviera. According to People, Rob Lowe was at his vacation home in Grasse, France, when a heavy rainfall flooded the ground floor of the home. Rob, who had been traveling with his wife and his two sons, had to be quickly rescued from the home. But, before the rescue, Rob Lowe and his son were able to capture footage of the terrifying event. Lowe is best known for his role as JFK in the 2013 movie Killing Kennedy.

Local news outlets reported that the rain, which poured down for over four hours on Tuesday evening, was as heavy as three months worth of rapidly falling rain, according to the New York Daily News.

Brat Pack actor Rob Lowe and his entire family arrived in the French Riviera several days prior. The celebrity family captured photos of their vacation leading up to the raging flood.

“This is is right outside the house. Was twice as high at the worst, just before sunrise,” Rob Lowe stated on his Instagram account Tuesday, July 24.

rob lowe, flood, grasse, france
Rob Lowe takes photo of the raging waters that flooded his vacation home in France

On Rob Lowe’s Instagram account, many fans told the St. Elmo’s Fire star how glad they were to see that his family made it out alive and ok. “I’m so glad you and your family are safe. I heard about this in the news. How awful. It must have been scary. The power of water is immense.” Another Rob Lowe fan stated, “omg rob! I really hope you and your family is alright. you’re in my thoughts!!”

Of course, other fans were not so supportive: “You got your wealth here in the United States. Yet you have your vacation home in France. I heard you got flooded. Serves you right,” said one poster to Rob Lowe’s Facebook page.

The well-respected actor has come along way since his sex-videotape days in the 1980s, a scandal which almost destroyed his career. Lowe was able to beat alcoholism and turn his career completely around. The former teen idol discussed his life in his autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, an entertaining, funny autobiography that Vanity Fair described as “equal parts dish and pathos.”

50-year-old Rob Lowe married the love of his life, former make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff in 1991. The couple has two sons together: Matthew Edward Lowe and John Owen Lowe.

In recent years, Lowe has appeared in two Lifetime movies where he plays killer cop Drew Peterson in Untouchable and the prosecutor in the movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony.