‘Sniper Elite 3’ Release Date Almost Here, Solo Survival Revealed [Video]

The Sniper Elite 3 release date is almost here, and 505 Games has released gameplay footage of the exciting new Solo Survival challenge, via YouTube user MrVg247. This gameplay mode pits you against waves of enemies in classic survival style, not holding back on the blood and gore.

It looks like Sniper Elite 3 could be the Mortal Kombat or Max Payne of shooters, not content with giving you a quick reaction. After you fire your shot, the game goes into slow-mo to show the path of the bullet from barrel to body, and then occasionally shows you an X-Ray view of the victim’s skull fracturing on impact as the bullet flies through it. This could be the visceral title you turn to if the big name shooters start to bore you.

The story of Karl Fairburne continues as he shoots his way through World War II, this time fending off a deadly new enemy in North Africa. The gameplay available after the Sniper Elite 3 release date could easily be the best yet as it hits the PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC tomorrow in the UK, and July 1 in North America.

The variety of types of guns to choose from is rather impressive, and due to the title itself it’s doubtful that the enemy will fight you face to face very often. There is a short range pistol available, but it could only be needed if they catch you before you’re ready to make your next sniper shot. You’re likely up against enemies who are increasingly well versed in taking you out from a distance as well, with the pistol being a last resort.

Many of the shots seen in this game appear reminiscent of the James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie action film Wanted, though this game is more grounded in the idea of realism. You won’t be “bending” the bullet around obstacles here.

Will Sniper Elite 3‘s release date earn it a shot to the head, or is it the shooter you’ve been waiting for?

[image via gamingbolt]