Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Build Shiloh Her Own Private Skatepark

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt probably face similar trials and tribulations when it comes to bringing up their six children as the rest of us, perhaps just with a tad more cash available.

Having cash at your disposal means you have options, so what to buy the kids for their birthdays becomes a whole lot easier. After all, what can celebrity parents give to their celebrity kids who have it all?

How about a private skatepark? That’s bound to keep the kids quiet and off your back for at least a few minutes.

And that’s exactly what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have done. They employed a team of construction workers to build Shiloh her very own skatepark in the back yard.

The massive facility features ramps, dips, and metal grinds, and is sure to keep Shiloh happy on her eighth birthday.

Celebdigs reported that the skate park was commissioned by the celebrity couple and includes a ramp which gives the illusion of an abandoned swimming pool.

When asked about the new skatepark, Jolie revealed to E! News: “We did a lot of things. She’s very into skating. She’s a skateboarder. We did graffiti lessons and skateboarding.”

Shiloh’s five siblings might also be allowed to play in the skatepark, if they ask their sister nicely, and that prospect might interest Maddox, who is 13, and maybe even 10-year-old Zara. The twins, Knox and Vivienne, are probably a bit young to be skating just yet.

The Los Feliz, Los Angeles, mansion where the skatepark has been built was originally purchased by Pitt in 1994 for a modest $1.7 million. Since then, four additional homes have been added to the complex so there’s now more than ample space for the large family.

Obviously, if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ever get bored of the L.A. vibe, they also own properties in Italy, New Orleans, Malibu, and New York, so they can jet off for a break with the kids if they need one.

On the topic of parenting, Jolie recently revealed to Grazia magazine that she is insecure about her mothering skills and wishes she was more like her late mother Marcheline Bertrand:

“It’s hard to think I could be as good a mother as she was. Her whole life was motherhood.”

Nevertheless, there’s little doubt that in Shiloh’s eyes Angelina Jolie is “mom of the year” right now as she enjoys her brand new, private, skatepark.

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