‘Attack On Titan’ Movie Trailer Teases Release Date For Japan

The Attack On Titan movie trailer is teasing anime fans with a release date set for both 2014 and 2015 in Japan. What? You mean there are multiple Attack On Titan movies? That’s right…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, with Harrison Ford’s injury on the Star Wars 7 set it’s rumored that the studio is even considering writing Ford out of the plot, so would that mean Han Solo would have to die?

Director Araki Tetsuro will be creating two anime-based Attack On Titan movies that rely on the existing television series and will feature redubbed 5.1 sound. The first movie, titled Crimson Bow And Arrow, will focus on the events of the first 13 episodes of the series and is set for a release date of November 22, 2014. The second half is appropriately called Wings Of Freedom, and the second Attack On Titan movie release date is expected to arrive in early 2015 and is based upon episodes 14 through 25.

Of course, most anime fans simply want to know what will be happening after the events of a certain female titan left us hanging and wanting for more. Director Shinji Higuchi has been working on the live action Attack On Titan movie since 2012, and it is expected to hit theaters in 2015 as well. Rumors say the lead actor playing Eren Jaeger will be actor Haruma Miura, although that has not yet been confirmed. Otherwise, it is hoped that Funimation will distribute the live action Attack On Titan movie here in the United States although again nothing official has been announced.

It is expected that all three of these movies will lead up to the release of the next part of the story, although it’s possible the live action version may be different enough from the anime that we’ll get some extra details along the way. Of course, we’ll also be going back to the future since Attack On Titan season 2 is expected to be released this July.

So all you guys who love Mikasa Ackerman and all you girls who love cosplaying as Levi will just have to satisfy your hunger by munching down on this Attack On Titan-themed car commercial:

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