Missing 12-Year-Old Michigan Boy Found Alive In His Own Basement

The father of a 12-year-old boy who has been missing since June 14 appears overjoyed that his son has been found alive in the basement of his own home, in video footage from the Detroit Free Press. The house had previously been searched by police and FBI agents, and the boy was not in the home during those searches. Wednesday, 12-year-old Charles Bothuell V was found hiding behind a barrier constructed of boxes and a plastic drum. The authorities say the boy could not have assembled the barricade on his own.

Charles Bothuell IV, the boy's father, is seen hugging a reporter, apparently overjoyed that his son was found alive:

Police held a press conference today in Detroit. "We have Charlie," Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced outside of the Nicolet Place home. "Charlie appeared to be very excited to see us." Charlie's father was not permitted to see his son while the boy underwent a medical examination. No one was home when the child was found. The authorities were in the house with a warrant. Craig said that investigators have no explanation for why the boy was hidden in the basement. He also said that he would be surprised if no one living in the home was aware that Charlie was down there.

Charlie was found in his basement about an hour after a press release where authorities proclaimed that tips and clues to the case suggested that the case may be more dire than "just a missing person's case." Charlie's father had submitted to a lie-detector test by the FBI, which came up inconclusive. His step-mother refused to take one, because her lawyer suggested it might have been used against her inappropriately.

This morning, the missing child's father sent out a message to his son, "Charlie, you are not in trouble. Forget about all that. We love you and just want you home," Charlie Bothuell IV said publicly to his son, mentioning chores that the boy had not done. Charles explained to the media, "I believe that he's with someone and that he needs to come home." MLIVE reported that the Detroit police said, "Charlie's father stated that Charlie was working out when he stopped to go to the bathroom and never came back."

Bothuell described the search for his son on the "Nancy Grace" show. He said that the ordeal began when his wife called him at almost ten o'clock in the evening on June 14. His wife said that the 12-year-old boy had left their home that they share with Charlie, a 14-year-old son, and a 1-month old daughter. Charles said that when he got home, he called the police. He reported that it took three calls before the allegedly dismissive dispatchers got the authorities out to make the initial report around midnight.

Charlie's stepmother said that the boy left the house when she was trying to talk to him about chores and some other things. Charles said that that night, he and the boy's mother, who lived elsewhere, searched the area for hours. Since that night, Detroit Police searched for the boy with dogs. Earlier this week, the FBI reportedly used a dog to track the young man's scent to Chrysler Elementary earlier in the week. Inquisitr will report new information about the 12-year-old and how he came to be barricaded in the basement as it becomes available.

[Photo via the DPD]