Prince Harry Shows Human Face Of Royalty, Visits Sick Children In Brazil

Prince Harry began his Royal Tour of Brazil this week, but if he had any plans to support the British soccer team in the World Cup, he had to change them as the team didn’t manage even one win in its group.

So, as Us Weekly reports, he rapidly moved to plan B and went straight to the Rede Sarah Hospital for Neurological Rehabilitation injuries to visit sick children. Most of them were suffering from neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s Disease.

The Prince also watched a game of wheelchair basketball and spoke with Caio Carvalho who, at 11-years-old, is the youngest player on the team. Harry spoke with Caio about the accident that caused him to be confined to a wheelchair, and why he loved the sport so much.

The boy told Us Weekly:

“I told him I used to love playing football [soccer], but now I’m in a wheelchair, I can’t. It’s very exciting to have Prince Harry here. We asked him to join us in a game, but he didn’t want to as he said he had to train more. Maybe he was worried we’d beat him!”

Actually, football is not really Prince Harry’s game. He’s more into Polo, at which he excels. The Inquisitr reported only two days ago on the Polo match in which Prince Harry and his team defeated the team of his elder brother, Prince William.

As he moved around the hospital, Prince Harry, 29, comforted a mother, who became emotional after her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, had welcomed Harry to Brazil.

“I was so proud of my daughter welcoming Prince Harry to Brazil — I was stunned,” Erica Oliveire said of her daughter, Eduarda. “He said he was very happy to be here, and he gave me a big hug.”

Harry spent even more time with other patients and their families, and then was taken by his host for a trip in a canoe. This was to demonstrate to him how some of the hospital’s patients work to build their upper body strength.

Even though he got rather wet, Prince Harry declared, “It was great fun! And great to talk to the other guys out there. Very peaceful.”

There is no doubt that Prince Harry, even though he has a wild streak, is one of the most popular members that the British Royal Family has ever produced.