Wisconsin Girl On The Mend After Being Stabbed 19 Times In ‘Slender Man’ Attack

The 12 year-old Wisconsin girl that was stabbed over 19 times is “on the mend,” according to Fox News. The southeastern Wisconsin girl recently was well enough to enjoy a movie date with her father, the family said.

The Wisconsin girl, who was viciously stabbed in the legs, arms and torso, is able to walk but her movement is limited by breathing problems, said family spokesman Steve Lyons, voicing optimism that the 12 year-old will make a full recovery.

On May 31, court documents say two 12 year-old classmates lured the Wisconsin girl into a wooded park. Once there, they stabbed the girl repeatedly to gain favor with Slender Man, a fictional charaxter in horror stories the girls had read online. The girls told investigators that they believed Slender Man lived in the woods of Wisconsin, and that they would be able to go live with him after killing the girl.

One of the defendants told the Wisconsin girl to lay still on the ground after she was stabbed, saying that she wouldn’t lose blood as fast if she remained motionless. However, the 12 year-old suspect told investigators that she was really telling the girl to stop screaming and crying so she would die without drawing attention to them.

After the suspects left the Wisconsin girl alone to die, the victim – bloodsoaked from her wounds – crawled out of the park to a nearby road where a cyclist discovered her and summoned help. Doctors later told police that the Wisconsin girl narrowly escaped death as one of the wounds had come within a millimeter of a major artery.

The family and Wisconsin girl released a picture on Tuesday, according to WSAU.com in Wausau, Wisconsin, to thank supporters. In the photo, the Wisconsin girl is shown only from the neck down – to protect her privacy – and holding a small sign saying “thank you.” Another picture showed her room walls papered with dozens of purple heart cards she’s received from people around the world since the attack.

“Together as a family, we continue to adjust to our new normal,” the family wrote in Tuesday’s release.

The Wisconsin girl continues to spend her days at medical appointments and in rehabilitation. Her classmates, both 12, have been charged as adults with first-degree attempted homicide.

Supporters from around the world have donated nearly $50,000 to help with the Wisconsin girl’s medical bills, along with gifts, care packages and purple hearts – the girl’s favorite color, family representative Steve Lyons said.

“The family is just overwhelmed by the outpouring of support,” Lyons continued. “We in Wisconsin talk about Midwestern values, but this really goes across the nation, and even around the world.”