22-Year-Old Nurse’s Aide Convicted Of Raping 92-Year-Old Patient

A 22-year-old nurse’s aide was convicted of raping a 92-year-old woman in Cincinnati, Ohio. Authorities said the victim was a resident of the Amber Park Nursing Home, where the defendant was employed.

In the early morning hours of November 24, 2013, Samuel Onyenweaku locked himself inside the elderly woman’s room and took advantage of her weakened state.

According to reports, a supervisor became suspicious when Onyenweaku vanished into the room. When she attempted to open the door she discovered it was locked.

Although each door is outfitted with a lock, they are rarely used. The supervisor knocked on the door numerous times. However, she did not get a response. As she was terribly concerned, she immediately unlocked the door and entered the room. She was horrified by what she found inside.

The elderly woman’s panties had been removed and her nightgown was pushed up around her waist. The supervisor also found a pile of men’s clothing on the floor. She eventually located Onyenweaku hiding inside the resident’s private bathroom — naked from the waist down.

As reported by Fox 19, Onyenweaku was immediately terminated and escorted from the building. Two days later, the nurse’s aide was arrested and charged with raping the 92-year-old woman.

Authorities said the crime was specifically heinous, as the woman was confined to her bed and unable to defend herself. In addition to her weakened state, the defendant could not communicate. It is unknown whether she was assaulted on previous occasions.

As reported by Cincinnati.com, Onyenweaku was charged with felonious assault, patient abuse, and rape. Although he pleaded not guilty, the defendant waived his right to a jury. On Monday, he was found guilty of all three charges by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Melba Marsh.

The nursing aide is facing 20 years in prison for raping the 92-year-old woman. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 28.

Sadly, the elderly woman passed away in February. However, Assistant Prosecutor Anita Vizedom said her death was unrelated to the assault.

Prosecutor Vizedom said the unidentified victim “was a widow with no children.” Vizedom said the woman will be remembered as a good person who had a “normal, good, decent life.” Prior to her retirement, the victim worked as a schoolteacher.

The prosecutor said the nurse’s aide raped the 92-year-old woman “because she was not going to be able to communicate” what had happened. Following the assault, the victim was taken to the hospital for observation. She was later transferred to a Hospice facility, where she remained until she passed away.

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