June 23, 2014
Watch Mexico Vs. Croatia Football Live Stream; 2014 World Cup Group A

Mexico vs. Croatia kicks off at 4 P.M. Eastern Time from Recife, Brazil in a match will likely decide who moves on to elimination play.

In a related article in the Inquisitr, the local government of Recife has warned tourists who have flocked to the city for the World Cup to avoid parts of their beaches known for deadly shark attacks, like this one that was caught on camera.

Mexico is currently second in Group A standings. They are tied with Brazil at four points each, but are a goal behind in the goal differential. Since Mexico and Brazil played to a 0-0 draw in their match, the goal differential will decide who wins Group A in the event of a tie. In the unlikely event that both Mexico and Brazil lose their final matches today, it could even decide which of the teams will be eliminated before the knockout round begins.

Football fans everywhere will be eagerly switching from one game to the other. If you want to watch both games, consider opening the Brazil vs. Cameroon game up in another tab. You can find a preview of the game and the link to Cameroon vs. Brazil here.

Mexico, which has not given up a goal in the 2014 Wold Cup - even to offensive powerhouse Brazil - could play defense and hope for a 0-0 draw, which would be enough to ensure them a place in the knockout round. However, according to a Yahoo Sports report, Mexico's coach Miguel Herrera has indicated that he doesn't plan to employ that strategy:

"We're not going to think about a tie. Our intentions are to win. If you think going into the game you're going to tie, you're most likely just going to lose. So we're going to go out there and defend, and take advantage of the spaces that they're going to leave open because they're attacking (because Croatia will be eliminated if they have a draw match and will therefore be attacking). If we tie, then great, we advance. But the idea is to look for a win. The guys know that they can squander the great things that they've been doing in this World Cup if they don't play to win on Monday... So we're going to continue to be intense, be a team that's giving its all, be more attentive, be sure with the ball."

You can watch the Mexico vs. Croatia football match online via live stream here.