Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Trying To Get Into Training Camp Despite Injury

Last week, Tony Romo made headlines for something football-related, rather than throwing interceptions.

At 34-years old, Romo is trying to get back on the field as soon as possible. Fox Sports reported that Romo almost pulled off a clever ruse at Cowboys’ minicamp. He tried to put on fellow quarterback Brandon Weeden’s jersey to sneak on the field for extra reps; however it didn’t fit quite like he had hoped.

“He said it was a little too snug because he wears an offensive lineman jersey.”

Romo underwent back surgery in December for a herniated disk. After the quarterback sustained discomfort in his back, the Dallas Cowboys understood that their season would be over. The Inquisitr reported that the injury became so severe, that Romo needed to be placed on injured reserve, making him unable to return to action for the 2013-14 season.

Dallas relied on veteran-quarterback Kyle Orton to take the reigns for the final game against the Philadelphia Eagles on home turf. Orton’s 358 yards and two touchdowns weren’t enough as the Cowboys finished the season 8-8.

It was another year of mediocrity for Romo and crew, something that wasn’t against the norm for football fans in Dallas.

Tony Romo meme

Amidst all the criticism Romo brings to the table, the Cowboys are absolutely nothing without him. The chemistry that exists between Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray all stem from Romo. If there was ever a catalyst for their consistent regular season success and playoff woes, Romo is the mastermind.

The injury, as the statistics proved, hurt the Cowboys playoff hopes last season.

Romo wanting to sneak in and take part in minicamp activities is a great sign for Cowboys fans. They want to see their top-end gunslinger perform and appear healthy. To the average fan, it is simply natural. Weeden doesn’t have the natural skill Romo possesses, and Orton doesn’t give Dallas a great chance to win.

If it helps, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones talked about Romo’s health and said he should be good for training camp starting July 24. Being America’s Team has its advantages, but with that comes a ton of pressure. The Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl since 1995, when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers behind the arm of Troy Aikman.

Tony Romo is not the next Aikman, but eventually, the monkey has to be lifted off his back. The supporting cast is there, so it is up to Romo to pull that talent in and send the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.

If Romo is healthy enough to pull pranks at minicamp that involve more reps, then Dallas fans have all the reason to be optimistic about their franchise quarterback.

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