June 23, 2014
Greta Van Susteren And Bret Baier Defend 'Soft' Interview With Hillary Clinton [Watch]

Both Greta Van Susteren and fellow Fox News anchor Bret Baier are experienced broadcasters, so they were somewhat surprised at the reaction of some of their audience to the interview they conducted last week with Hillary Clinton.

They, themselves, were interviewed and questioned by Media Buzz's Howard Kurtz Sunday morning. They defended themselves against criticism of the manner in which they had interviewed the former Secretary of State and First Lady and denied that they had "gone too soft" on her. Van Susteren and Baier said they had not been seeking sensational headlines, but were simply looking for information.

Baier said, "There's not always going to be this, 'Dude that was two years ago' moment.'" He was referring to a comment from former National Security spokesperson Tommy Vietor on Benghazi that went viral.

He added, "I don't think in interviews, trying to get news, that somebody should plan to try to get somebody to that point."

Greta van Susteren commented, "That's a little bit, almost, entertainment. There was no sort of grand strategy, to try to get a gotcha. It was to try to get information for the viewers."

The main audience for Fox News is generally assumed to be right wing and conservative, and certainly more Republican than Democrat. They probably anticipated the Clinton interview would be much more confrontational and aggressive than was actually the case.

Indeed, Greta van Susteren, 60, has something of a reputation for tough questioning of interviewees on her own show, "On The Record." Perhaps that has to do with her legal training. Before entering the world of TV journalism, via CNN, Greta was a criminal defense and civil trial lawyer. Actually, one of her first TV assignments for CNN was as a legal analyst covering the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

So Greta van Susteren is no stranger to controversy. In the case of the Clinton interview, the controversy continues.