June 23, 2014
'Sense8' - Wachowski's Netflix SF Show - Cast And Plot Revealed!

Sense8, the forthcoming original science fiction series created by The Wachowskis (The Matrix, Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Thor, Underworld Awakening) was announced last year. Building on Netflix's burgeoning original content division, Sense8 will be unleashed amidst the already established House of Cards andOrange is the New Black, and Chelsea Handler's upcoming Netflix talk show.

To this point, all we've known about Sense8 is that the show was developed from a conversation about "the ways technology simultaneously unites and divides us." We were told that the ten-episode Sense8 would consist of "a global story of minds linked and souls hunted."

There was a bit there to whet our appetites, but let's face it, we still had no idea what Sense8 would be about.

Courtesy of Deadline, we now know much more about Sense8. Recently, a better description os Sense8's plot and a major list of its cast was revealed.

Naveen Andrews (Lost), Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill), and Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) are among a 14-member international cast set for Sense8. Adding to the major players of Sense8 will be British actors Tuppence Middleton, Aml Ameen, and Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who, Torchwood). Sense8 will also include Indian actress Tena Desae, South Korean actress Doona Bae, German actor Max Riemelt, Mexican actors Alfonso Herrera and Erendira Ibarra, as well as Jamie Clayton, Miguel Silvestre and Terrence Mann.

Straczynski, who will act as co-showruner on Sense8 with Lana and Andy Wachowski, spilled the storyline of Sense8 to Deadline.

"The series follows eight characters around the world who, in the aftermath of a tragic death, find themselves linked to each other mentally and emotionally," he said about Sense8. "They can not only see and talk to each other as though they were in the same place, they have access to each other's deepest secrets. Not only must they figure out what happened and why and what it means for the future of humanity, they must do so while being hunted by an organization out to capture, kill or vivisect them."

Sense8 will focus on eight major characters (hence the 8 in Sense8) played by Smith, Middleton, Ameen, Bae, Selvestri, Desae, Riemelt and Clayton, and Sense8's shooting locations will match the show's international flavor, featuring locales in Chicago, San Francisco, London, Iceland, Seoul, Mumbai, Berlin, Mexico City and Nairobi.

As Daryl Hannah's name isn't touted as one of Sense8's central characters, can we assume the actress will be someone out to "capture, kill, or vivisect" them?

According to Variety, Netflix streaming subscribers will see Sense8 available to view in 2015.