Cryme Tyme: Former WWE Wrestlers JTG and Shad Gaspard Reunite As ‘Crime Time’ After Firings

Cryme Tyme is back… sort of. Both former WWE wrestlers JTG and Shad Gaspard are now free agents in the independent circuit ever since RTG was released by Vince McMahon in recent weeks. Their reunion means that they will be back together as a tag team duo under the name “Crime Time” in order to avoid a lawsuit by their former employer.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the WWE management has been on a firing spree and they even fired one of their head creative writers last week and it’s possible budget cuts could lead to even more lost jobs. Although many WWE fans have tried to tell the company how they should save the flailing company, even including suggesting that CM Punk be hired as a corporate babyface counterpoint to the Authority, the losses from the WWE Network streaming platform will likely mean that many more employees may fear finding a pink slip in the future.

RTG is one of those WWE wrestlers who found himself being booted out of the ring in recent days, although Gaspard was released by the company all the way back on November 19, 2010. When they performed together as Cryme Tyme, they never managed to snag the WWE Tag Team Championship so they probably felt it was time to get back together to make some money, money… yeah, yeah!

TMZ caught up with the wrestlers formerly known as Cryme Tyme while working out at Gold’s Gym and the boys explained together their plans to go out on the road as Crime Time:

“It’s not really a reunion, we’ve always been cool. We’ve both been hanging out… Yeah, actually we’re doing a world tour, me and J. We’re coming to a hood near you. Every continent and all cities around the world.”

Unfortunately, when exactly they’ll be wrestling again as Crime Time is left up in the air:

“I can’t tell you that. We’re waiting for that figure to be right. We’re waiting on good money. We’ve always been about that money, money.”

When asked about the change to Cryme Tyme they admitted, “Yeah, we didn’t get sued. That was smart business on our part before we did the name. That’s why I own my ow name and he owns his own name.”

JTG was asked if he was bummed about leaving the WWE and his response might surprise you:

“No, I’m not really bummed. I’ve been preparing for it a long time. I’ve been at home. I’m okay with it, there’s always something bigger and better.”

JTG and Shad Gaspard said that fans of the former Cryme Tyme can keep up with their Crime Time matches by checking in on them through their Twitter accounts where they will be making announcements in the future.

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