WWE News: Vince McMahon Fires Head Writer, Will There Be More Terminations Due To Budget Cuts?

It looks like the outlook for relief in the WWE is nowhere near as Vince McMahon terminates the head writer of the WWE creative team. The nightmare of lost career security has now extended to the employees behind the scenes of sports entertainment, and the fact that the head writer was the one to go shows that authority doesn’t protect someone from Mr. McMahon’s infamous words: “You’re fired!”

According to the primary sourced article by Pro Wrestling Torch, Jay Gibson, who was the head writer for the WWE, was cut directly by the CEO himself, Vince McMahon. It says that “unnamed sources” believe the changes was made on “Friday the 13th” (June 13, 2014), the day right after eleven WWE superstars – who were brimming with talent but underutilized by the idiocy and worthlessness of the WWE creative team as of late – found themselves unceremoniously unemployed. In that case, last night’s WWE Monday Night RAW was the first show to happen without Gibson’s creativity etched into the storytelling.

For those who did watch last night, it was evident that Vince McMahon was heralding the writing creative more so just by how promos were played. This included spiked coffee, a bathroom scene, and multiple vomiting scenarios in which Vickie Guerrero was the lucky (unlucky actually) recipient of the rancid projectiles of bile straight from Stephanie McMahon’s stomach.

Some WWE fans may be wondering why Vince McMahon himself is taking on more responsibility with the creative writing. Lords of Pain actually states this in their article that the CEO of the WWE is spearheading the changes in the company by reducing payroll which comes down to the budget cuts. However, the new creative writing directive may have done well for WWE Monday Night RAW. According to the ratings, the show held its numbers this time around compared to three weeks ago when viewership dropped, something that was a bad omen at the time because it was the WWE Monday Night RAW right before WWE Payback 2014. Usually a television taping right before a pay-per-view would see a spike in viewers. Another reason why last night’s show did okay is because Kevin Hart made a guest appearance, and as of now, the comedian is really popular.

Nevertheless, Jay Gibson’s termination comes in the revelation of previous articles, here on The Inquisitr, when eleven WWE superstars were let go. But we also reported that the cuts were not just limited to the roster and that the corporate/business end may experience cuts too just so all the up-and-coming WWE talent won’t feel the blunt. If only Vince McMahon would just listen to the WWE fans and wrestlers because they know what they want out of the product.

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