Vince McMahon Needs A WWE Corporate Babyface To Counter The Authority, Could It Be CM Punk?

Vince McMahon is surely on the border of snapping with the direction WWE has taken in just the last 48 hours. The landscape across the WWE Universe is crumbling and is proven by the recent roster cuts announced on Thursday, June 12, 2014. Eventually, it would be known that the failure of the WWE Network is the reason for the cuts, and they may not be done. Now, Vince McMahon is in a state of worry for he is unsure if there will be enough quality talent that can rise up to take the place of who had their WWE careers dramatically ceased.

For all the WWE fans, all of Vince McMahon’s woes can be seen in two people, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Most of us will know them as the power couple behind “The Authority”, and they seem to make decisions that exemplify the hatred and anger of the WWE Universe. Their latest atrocity to date was stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, though behind the kayfabe, Bryan’s neck wasn’t healing quickly enough ergo he had to be stripped of his title. Though on television it looks like Triple H and Stephanie pulling the strings on puppets, it all comes down to the authoritarian decree of the WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

This form of storytelling was reported to actually be “bad for business” in a report by Cageside Seats. Even though The Authority are becoming excellent heels, they make other heels look like pampered teddy bears compared to them. Look at Damian Sandow, Fandango, Rybaxle, or Jack Swagger. They are considered heels but they don’t have the crowd over them as heels compared to The Authority. Actually, the only heel stable that is doing well is The Wyatt Family, and there are rumors that Bray Wyatt’s character is going to become a babyface.

So what does the WWE have to do to legitimize the heel side of the storytelling? In another article by Bleacher Report, Vince McMahon needs to get a corporate babyface, one that represents the WWE Universe, to take on The Authority. For almost a year, The Authority has been calling the shots since WWESummerslam 2013 when Triple H screwed over Daniel Bryan out of the title when he gave the leading “goat” of the “Yes Movement” a Pedigree allowing Randy Orton to win the title.

Having a corporate babyface will even out the playing field in WWE storylines just enough so that other WWE heels are not overlooked and that a legitimate reaction to the action of The Authority is cemented. The question is which WWE superstar should herald the mantel of The Authority’s greatest threat?

Fellow Inquisitr writer, Joe Burgett says it should be Roman Reigns. That makes sense taking into account that Seth Rollins has recently jumped ship when he “sacrificed” The Shield in an act of betrayal. He has the look of authority and would make an excellent enforcer for the “babyface corporate side”. Also, Reigns is really over with the WWE fanbase right now. Just this year, he has broken the elimnation record during the Royal Rumble at 12 eliminations, and he’s defeated Evolution twice at pay-per-views. He’d be a great WWE superstar to fill the position.

If Daniel Bryan wasn’t healing, he’d also be the second-best choice for “corporate babyface”. What if The Authority is just acting on their own will and Vince McMahon just loses it? Who would he want as the champion against the power tripping couple in The Authority? How about the one WWE superstar who has been a thorn at their sides almost all this year.

Personally, there is only one wrestler who would be the best “corporate babyface”. Maybe Linda McMahon could hire him since he knows how to take on authority figures, and he surely knows what the WWE fans want right? I won’t even have to say his name, but his WWE contract is in the works of being extended, despite his absence.

To prove my point, here is a video of “The Best in the World” putting The Authority in their place. Once he has a WWE mic in his hands, it becomes a pipe bomb.

[Images via WWE Screenshots]

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