WWE News: Seth Rollins Judas-Like Betrayal On The Shield A Last Minute Decision

If you saw WWE RAW, you know that a shocking thing happened. It was unexpected for most, especially the person who did it. It was something of biblical proportions and hints about it started the night before at WWE Payback. On RAW last night, Seth Rollins turned heel and betrayed his Shield brothers.

Roman Reigns was scheduled to have a match with Randy Orton in the main event. It has been some time since we have seen the big man in singles competition, so many figured the match would be good. However, smart WWE fans know that a good match cannot happen in 5 minutes at the end of RAW. Things seemed fishy when Reigns came out at the 11/10c hour, about 5 minutes before the end of the show.

WWE RAW normally goes over a bit, so no one thought anything of it. However, many assumed there wouldn’t be a match. Triple H came out with Sledgehammer in hand and Seth Rollins went for a chair, believed by most to be done to even the playing field. Of course, that’s what Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose thought.

Triple H claimed that he was going to end The Shield any way he could. Plan A didn’t work, so he was moving to Plan B. That’s when Rollins swung the chair to hit Reigns in the back. Ambrose looked at Rollins, shocked out of his mind. His face told the entire story that all WWE fans seemed to be thinking….”Why Rollins? Why?”

Rollins then attacked Ambrose, beating him numerous times with the steel chair in hand. He then helped Triple H and Randy Orton pick the bones of Reigns and Ambrose. This added a new third member to Evolution, making it sort of an Evolution 2.0. Batista quit earlier in the night, so a spot seemingly opened.

There were hints going back to Payback, as mentioned. While Rollins did go crazy as usual, it seemed interesting that Ambrose and Reigns took most of the beating in the match. Rollins did jump off the Titantron and was beaten up a lot the entire month of May by Evolution and even in that match. However, it was nothing like what Reigns and Ambrose took. WWE seemed to hint things, but no one was thinking much at that point. Why assume Rollins?

As I reported recently, WWE Magazine seemed to give away that The Shield was breaking up in the June issue. Ambrose seemed to be the guy set to do the betrayal as he was the one interviewed for it all. However, WWE made the last minute decision to make Rollins betray The Shield in a Judas-like fashion.

Rollins was a key member of The Shield. He is called “The Architect” for multiple reasons. The main one is that he was the one keeping The Shield working as a unit. Another is that he was the creative one, always doing things no one expected and would be in awe of.

Seth was overlooked by Roman Reigns, despite all his good work. The clear star of The Shield was Reigns and legends of his greatness have spread. Rumors of Reigns winning a World Title are out there and the love is all directed toward him. For a man like Rollins, who did so many amazing things, to constantly be overlooked could be an ego hit.

So if Triple H told him that he would get a shot at a World Title, chances are he’d take it. Triple H is giving him attention, and he’s the boss who can make all the good things happen. Will he end up with gold or simply cheap silver? Time will tell.

What we do know is that Ambrose was the guy WWE targeted originally. The decision was made at the last minute to make it Rollins as WWE felt it would be far more shocking and add a lot of good potential for storylines heading through the summer. This also is a built-in rivalry for WWE this summer as Reigns and Ambrose will want to get revenge.

What will the WWE do? That has yet to be determined. What we do know is that this last minute decision did end up changing some things for WWE. So, rewrites are happening and a lot of new stuff will be forthcoming. Right now, no one knows for sure what will happen to The Shield. A rumor is that they might add a new member from NXT like Adrian Neville or Sami Zayn, but this may not happen as this split may give all three men the chance to go into singles competition.

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