WWE News: Bray Wyatt Set For A Babyface Turn Soon

Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family have been a very big part of the WWE since their arrival a year ago. Bray Wyatt became so popular as a character that the WWE had him rival their top man John Cena just so they could see how well he could handle the main event scene. Since the WWE has had their rivalry go on for a few months now, obviously the WWE is confident that Wyatt can be a top name for them for years to come.

At one point, the WWE felt that Bray Wyatt could be their top heel in the company, even over the likes of Batista and Randy Orton. However, it seems that the crowd’s love of Wyatt and his family have made it difficult for them to make him a heel for too much longer. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE might be gearing up for a babyface turn, saying:

“Bray Wyatt is expected to be a full-fledged babyface by the end of 2014. While Wyatt has been getting a strong, positive reaction from most live crowds recently, WWE still hasn’t went all the way with a babyface turn, as evident by his actions against Jerry Lawler on RAW Monday.”

So, it is very possible we could see some hate for Bray for a little while longer. The issue WWE runs into with Wyatt is that he is a great character with an edge to him. This means older fans love him, as he is not the kiddie character many of them do not care for. Also, his current rivalry is with John Cena. Usually any rivalry Cena has is tough to judge based on cheers and boos. Cena usually gets a mixed reaction with everyone he faces. So Bray has been no different.

The idea is that the WWE will wait until later in the year, as it can give them more time to see how he does with other characters that may be loved… then they can judge whether the fans would cheer for him regardless or it is simply being done now due to the rivalry with Cena.

WWE can look at the rivalry with The Shield as a starting point. When the Wyatt’s took them on, The Shield got the cheers where the Wyatt Family got the boos. The rivalry was seen as fantastic between the two teams, which is why the WWE has revisited it off and on since the first match.

If we are also going to talk about heel factions turning face, The Shield was over as a team for some time, and now that they are a face team they are even bigger than they once were. Every man in the group can go somewhere as a singles star. The issue with Wyatt’s face is that Bray is the clear star of the group. So his family will most likely remain with him whether he is a face or heel.

WWE has noted that since the potential loss of The Undertaker for good after WrestleMania 30, there is a need for a darker character to make his name in the WWE. Wyatt works very well for this, and if he was this generation’s Undertaker, many fans would be behind that. This is potentially the idea that the WWE will go with IF Wyatt turns face by 2015.

WWE does still have the option to keep Wyatt as a heel, as he could only improve there. His actions with Lawler on RAW prove that he can do a lot of things to come off as a heel, regardless of who it is with. Wyatt has already used children to do his deeds for him. So, there is an endless amount of potential with him. If Wyatt does turn face however, there is still a lot that he can do. We will just have to wait and see what the WWE decides.

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