Pig, The Dog Is Probably The Weirdest Looking Dog On The Planet!

Just days after The Inquisitr reported about a pig named Virginia who thinks she is a dog, we now have something on the similar lines. Except in this case, we are talking about a dog that goes by the name of “Pig”. The owner of Pig however did have a genuine reason to name the dog what she is called now. Pig the dog looks nothing like your usual dog.

Yes, you might have seen various exotic breeds that look different from “normal” dogs but, even if you compare those dogs with Pig, she is in a league of her own. And to be honest, I thought she looks like a pig from certain angles as well!

Pig the dog is among the weirdest looking dogs on earth for sure.

According to Newsday, Pig the dog is eight months old and was adopted by an Alabama woman named Kim Dillenbeck. According to Kim, Pig the dog was born with severe disabilities in Atlanta, Georgia. The disabilities are the key reason behind the non-conventional, un-canine looks of the animal. When the dog was found, she had gangly legs and had a body that looked like it had been chopped into half and was rejoined at the center.

Even now, when you look at a picture of the dog, you can’t help but wonder and think if it is simply a poorly done Photoshop trick. Every physical aspect of Pig is different. She walks more like a Gorilla and much less like a dog – thanks to her high shoulders. Pig the dog, due to her condition is unable to turn her head sideways. Instead, she has to turn her entire body to see what’s behind or beside her. Pig also has a spine that is a huge 7-inches shorter than normal and is the lightest of the surviving dogs in the litter she was found in. Pig weighs just 15 pounds.

Needless to say, Pig the dog is an attention grabber everywhere she goes. According to a veterinarian who treats Pig, the unusual dog is loved by everyone in the clinic. The vet also adds that they have personally never come across any other dog with the same condition as Pig. However Pig’s owner says she has seen and heard of such dogs on the Internet.

As for why giving the unusual name for the dog, Dillenbeck says,

“When she was really, really little she looked like a little fuzzy piglet”

Pig has become a little celebrity thanks to her looks. She already has a Facebook page with over 5000 likes and thousands of people have watched her videos.

While Pig looks different and has some disabilities, she is a perfectly healthy dog. The only health issue that pig the dog faces is that she tires easily after she plays. Also, according to AL.com, there have been instances when Pig had almost choked after swallowing food. She also has a tendency of toppling over like a toddler because of her unusual gait.

What do you think about Pig, the dog? Have you seen a dog weirder than her?

[Image Via Facebook]

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