Robin Roberts Tells Girlfriend Amber Laign, ‘You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings’

Robin Roberts is currently promoting her new book, “Everybody’s Got Something.”

Roberts, 53, certainly knows that to be true, based upon her personal experience of life. Probably everyone’s initial reaction on being told they have cancer is — Why me? In 2007 Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she was dealing with that, and its aftermath, she was told in 2012 that she was also suffering from a very rare condition called myelodysplastic syndrome, which affects the bone marrow.

In the past she has spoken about how both of these conditions affected her decision about how she could best take care of herself. In 2011, she told, that she thought that she was invincible to cancer because she exercised regularly and led a healthy lifestyle. She said:

“It was part of the reason I almost didn’t go public with my diagnosis – I was embarrassed. I felt, Oh, I’ve always talked about exercising. And I got cancer. And then I realized it’s a great example of showing that cancer can hit anyone at any time.”

Following her cancer diagnosis, Robin made changes to her lifestyle. She cut down on eating red meat, and changed her exercise regime to include yoga and Pilates in place of the tennis and basketball she had previously enjoyed.

She credits her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign, 39, with giving her the support and encouragement she needed in her fight against her cancer. The couple have been together since 2005, but it is only relatively recently that Roberts has acknowledged their relationship publicly.

She told People magazine back in April that she believed it was their love that had saved her. She said that she felt like a “walking miracle”. and wrote in her book:

“Amber, thank you for giving me your blessing to share what you mean to me and my family. You shy away from the spotlight, but I’m proud that many now know what I’ve always known… You are a phenomenal, beautiful woman in every way. Bless you for selflessly being the wind beneath my wings.”

Robin Roberts looks to be in amazing shape now. She was pictured on Monday preparing for her stint on “Good Morning America” by joking with her co-hosts, making funny faces, and flexing her muscles.