Climax At The Push of A Button: Implanted Orgasm Device Invented By U.S. Doctor

Dr. Stuart Meloy is a surgeon at Piedmont Anaesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was treating a female patient, and needed to attach electrodes to her spine. He explains what happened next: “I was placing the electrodes and suddenly the woman started exclaiming emphatically. I asked her what was up and she said, ‘You’re going to have to teach my husband to do that.'”

According to a report in the Daily Mail, this was his “Eureka” moment. Dr. Meloy had stumbled upon a unique method of inducing orgasms by the use of implanted electrodes controlled by a hand-held remote control button. An interesting aspect of the technology is that it can be programmed to deliver any number of orgasms per week, or even per day!

Needless to say, Dr. Meloy has patented the process, and a Minneapolis-based company, called Medtronic, is set to conduct a series of clinical trials before it can be marketed. This device is not a sex toy, and is not really intended for what might be termed casual, or recreational, use. It is designed to be used in the most serious cases of orgasmic dysfunction because it is as invasive as a pacemaker. The machine is actually a medical implant the size of a packet of cigarettes, and requires an operation.

The patient remains conscious during the operation to fit the implant in order to guide the surgeon in pinpointing the correct nerves to which to attach the electrodes in the spinal cord. These are then connected to a signal generator that could be implanted under the skin of the buttocks. The implant would be triggered by a hand-held remote control, literally delivering orgasms at the push of a button.

Jim Pfaus examines the neurobiology of sexual behavior at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He told New Scientist: “Some women confuse what’s called sympathetic arousal, like increased heart rate, clammy hands, nerves and so on, with fear. That makes them want to get out of the situation.” The usual treatment for this condition is a course of Psychotherapy, but he feels that this new device could solve the problem in a different, more mechanical way.

While it is true that there would be some pain and discomfort associated with the operation, Dr. Pfaus points out that women are currently quite willing to endure painful operations to enlarge their breasts. They are not likely to complain about having to endure invasive surgery to reach orgasm more easily, or more frequently!

Unfortunately, they may have to wait a little longer. New Scientist also reports that the cost of the clinical trials is of the order of $6 million. While considerable interest has been expressed in developing the idea, Dr. Meloy is having some difficulty in raising the money since the health insurers do not cover the cost of experimental treatments.

So, for the moment — sorry ladies. It’s back to the old tried and true methods of climax creation!

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