Orgasms Better For Your Brain Power Than Sudoku, Says Scientist

Addam Corré - Author

Aug. 5 2013, Updated 1:43 p.m. ET

According to Professor Barry Komisaruk, orgasms are more stimulating to the brain than solving a crossword puzzle or a completing a Sudoku table.

Komisaruk, 72, is a neuroscientist who has done a lot of research into the relationship between orgasms and brain activity. He claims that the sensation increases total brain activity, whereas a puzzle activates only relatively localized regions.

He published the first evidence of brain regions involved in orgasm in women ten years ago. He says that the sensation of sexual climax blocks pain: “At orgasm we see a tremendous increase in the blood flow (to the brain). So my belief is it can’t be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygenation to the brain.”

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The professor came to his conclusions after studying women in his laboratory at the Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S. He measured the blood flow to their brains as they climaxed. He has been studying female sexual pleasure since the 1960s. Actually, he began his experiments on rats but moved on to women in the 1980s.

He told The Times newspaper that there is much to learn about sexual climax, saying, “We know virtually nothing about pleasure. It’s important to understand how the brain produces it. What parts of the brain produce such intense pleasure, and can we use that in some way?”

He asked the question, “What would that do to depression or anxiety or addiction or pain?” Well, it’s reasonable to assume that, whatever an orgasm does to deal with those problems, it certainly consumes more energy than the Times Crossword.


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