Hope Solo: Alleged Family Fight Results In Soccer Star’s Arrest And Facebook Comments

Hope Solo, goalkeeper and one of the primary faces on the U.S. women’s soccer team, has been arrested on domestic violence charges, reports CNN.

The incident occurred early Saturday at a home in Kirkland, Washington, where Hope Solo allegedly assaulted both her nephew and sister.

Responding to a 911 call in which a male caller reported a woman that was “hitting people,” wouldn’t stop, and refused to leave the house, police arrived and could hear the disturbance before making contact with Hope Solo who was reportedly “intoxicated and upset.”

The victims on the receiving end of Solo’s alleged assault, her sister and 17-year-old nephew, both had visible injuries, according to a police statement. After interviewing the witnesses, police concluded Hope Solo was the “primary aggressor and had instigated the assault.”

Hope Solo’s most recent post on her Facebook page, less than 24 hours ago, was sharing the question, “Grass or Turf?”

While responses start with legitimate answers to the question, such as turf causing rug burns, and generally favorable feelings on grass, with the news of Hope’s arrest, the subject of the comments quickly degenerated.

Comments regarding Solo’s arrest include, “She should leave the national team so it can maintain some dignity.”

Another, from a seemingly hopeful comedian who combines Hope’s arrest with the grass or turf question: “Turf gives better footing for when you beat your nephew and sister.”

However, Hope Solo supporters also chimed in with posts like “Maybe you don’t know the whole story. So leave her alone. Keep your head up Hope!!” and “Still love ya hope.”

Twitter has landed Hope Solo in hot water before, but in her most recent tweet on June 19, Hope Solo is congratulatory and supportive of some fellow soccer players, and seemingly in great spirits:

What happened with Hope between then and her arrest?

ESPN reports that the altercation stemmed from an argument that Hope Solo allegedly got into with relatives at a family party. The party was taking place in the home of Hope Solo and her husband, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens. The argument took a turn toward violence at some point, with Hope Solo striking her sister and the 17-year-old nephew.

“There was a big party going on at her house. It was an out-of-control situation,” Kirkland police lieutenant Mike Murray told the Seattle Times.

U.S. soccer said in a statement: “We are aware of the situation. At this point, we don’t have any further comments.”

Hope Solo was involved in another domestic violence episode in November, 2012, when Stevens, then her boyfriend, was arrested for allegedly assaulting Solo. No charges were ever filed, however, and Solo married Stevens the next day.

Hope is reportedly being held without bail, which suggests the seriousness of the assault, in the south King County jail, according to the Kirkland Police Department. Hope’s name was officially listed as Hope Amelia Stevens.

It was unclear who is representing Hope Solo, but she is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Hope Solo is 32 years-old, the goalkeeper for the Seattle Reign and long-time U.S. women’s keeper.