Daniel Radcliffe's Frankenstein Movie Gets A New Name

Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming Frankenstein movie will hit the big screen with a slightly different title next year.

Instead of simply going by the name Frankenstein, 20th Century Fox has decided to release the flick under the name Victor Frankenstein. According to Empire Online, the change reflects the film's focus on the origin story of the famous doctor. James McAvoy will play the title character, while Daniel Radcliffe tackles the role of Igor.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Chronicle scribe Max Landis put together the script for this unique take on Mary Shelley's classic novel. Wicker Park director will bring the story to the screen. The publication also got its hands on an brand new synopsis, courtesy of the boys and girls over at 20th Century Fox.

Check it out:

"James McAvoy is Victor Von Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe stars as Igor in a unique, never-before-seen twist on Mary Shelley's classic 19th century novel. Told from Igor's perspective, we see the troubled young assistant's dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Victor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man—and the legend—we know today."

While Daniel Radcliffe portrays the doctor's faithful assistant in the flick, his appearance is somewhat different from the way other actors portrayed the character in the past. Instead of playing Igor as some hideously deformed henchmen, Radcliffe and company are apparently taking a more realistic approach for the movie.

Here's a few photos of Daniel as the famous laboratory assistant.

Victor Frankenstein isn't the only horror flick Daniel Radcliffe has looming on the horizon. The Harry Potter alum also stars in Inquisitr, which is based on author Joe Hill's novel of the same name. The story follows a young man (Radcliffe) who begins growing mysterious horns out of his head following the death of his girlfriend. The movie should hit the big screen in the UK later this year.

Are you looking forward to seeing Daniel Radcliffe portray Igor in Victor Frankenstein? What do you think about the title change?

[Top Image via The Film Stage]