Scott Walker Accused Of Illegal Fundraising Scheme, Wisconsin Republicans Claim ‘Witch Hunt’

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is being accused of working with conservative groups, including GOP strategist Karl Rove, on an illegal election fundraising scheme that would violate election laws.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Scott Walker battled with atheists over a Bible verse. It’s also claimed that Walker’s twitter and email accounts promoted racism and Christmas grinches.

The investigation known as a John Doe is “focused on allegations of illegal coordination between Wisconsin Club for Growth, Walker’s campaign and other conservative groups during recall elections in 2011 and 2012.” Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and lead prosecutor Francis Schmitz claims the scheme reached far and wide, and even included filing false campaign finance reports:

“The scope of the criminal scheme under investigation is expansive. It includes criminal violations of multiple elections laws.”

In response, Wisconsin Club for Growth says Chisholm is on a “witch hunt” against conservatives, and even Walker says the probe is “nothing more than a partisan investigation” by political opponents:

“The accusation of any wrongdoing written in the complaint by the office of a partisan Democrat district attorney by me or by my campaign is categorically false. In fact two judges, in both state and federal courts, have ruled that no laws were broken. This is nothing more than a partisan investigation with no basis in state law. It’s time for the prosecutors to acknowledge both judge’s orders to end this investigation.”

But when Walker spoke to Fox News, he expanded on this premise by saying that the forces of big government were out to end his political career:

“We tried to take the government away from the big government special interest and put it firmly in the hands of the hard working taxpayers, both at the state level and the local governments. This is a prime example of what happens when you take on the big government special interests. They’re looking for ways to come at us. They’ll continue to do it. They did it two years ago in the recall election. They’re going to do it again now. There is no doubt this is one of those where the media jumps on this, some on the left spin this. You got detractors out there trying to claim there’s something more than there is.”

What do you think about the allegations against Scott Walker?