‘Mortal Kombat 10’ News: ‘Ultra SF4’ Could Become A Fatality Unless NetherRealm Buys Capcom

The latest Mortal Kombat 10 news could turn it into the uncontested champion of fighting games. While NetherRealm continues to reinvent the series, taking a new approach similar to that of Tekken, this could be a good sign.

It could also be all they need to “finish” the competition if the wrong developer buys out Capcom, the company which created some of the more memorable characters in gaming. Mega Man, Ryu, and Dante from Devil May Cry were all products of the company which, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, is ready to be bought out.

While the future of Capcom looks bleak after the release of Ultra SF4, it looks like NetherRealm is on its way back to the top. The game officially titled Mortal Kombat X looks like it’s taking the new gameplay that MK9 reinvented and pushing for even more.

The Mortal Kombat 10 news following the big reveal at E3 2014 could make old and new gamers more excited than ever. It was recently made known that one of the new characters is someone called Cassie Cage, the daughter of Sonya and Johnny Cage. While this might sound like a move toward Tekken storylines, it also tells us that NetherRealm is looking to change everything again. With older versions of original characters possibly showing up, we might even see a mostly new roster, adding a breath of fresh air to a gaming franchise which seemed to be holding on to older ones a bit too long.

The E3 2014 demo hosted by Ed Boon showed us a selection screen with a lot of unknown Mortal Kombat 10 characters. With around 20 years of time between this game and the last, this Mortal Kombat 10 news shows a definite willingness to try new things. While the updated X-Ray attacks have been updated to a level that appears to have garnered mixed feelings, there is no doubt that Mortal Kombat is attempting to reinvent itself.

Ultra SF4 could unfortunately be Capcom’s final entry in the fighting game genre if an extremely good developer doesn’t buy them out and attempt to maintain their level of quality. While the fighting game genre may have been born with Street Fighter, it might not die with it. With the attention to detail that NetherRealm is putting into Mortal Kombat X, the crown of the best fighting game on the market could be firmly in the hands of the first series to compete with Street Fighter.

This Mortal Kombat 10 news is exciting indeed. We might soon mourn the loss of Street Fighter, unless NetherRealm decides to buy out Capcom.

[image via bubblews]