Goliath: World's Tallest, Fastest Roller Coaster Unveiled At Six Flags

Goliath, the world's newest, tallest, fastest, and steepest roller coaster, has been unveiled at Six Flags Great America in Illinois.

The triple record-breaking ride has roller coaster enthusiasts everywhere very excited, especially as the ride features a heart-stopping 180 foot plunge which includes twists and turns which means the cars reach 72 mph at a near 85 degrees vertical angle.

Goliath took the best part of nine months to construct, and wasn't built without some serious delays and hitches. Katy Enrique, a spokesperson for the park, said, "I think everyone here is just so excited and there's a lot of anticipation before we open our gates."

An innovative track system was used by Rocky Mountain Construction, the company behind the planning and building of Goliath, which makes the wooden cars less rickety and gives a smoother ride.

Enrique continued: "It's very smooth," and her sentiments were shared by ABC7 Chicago Reporter Jessica D'Onofrio, who attended a special preview Wednesday, saying Goliath was "[the] smoothest ride of any coaster I have been on."

According to Enrique, the new roller coaster lives up to the outstanding reviews it has already received from riders: "It was definitely a great adrenaline rush. It has a ton of thrills, it's just element after element," added Enrique.

Six Flags has traditionally pioneered cutting-edge roller coaster rides, and has enjoyed an illustrious history of offering adrenaline-inducing thrills to its visitors.

Enrique spoke about how important new innovations are for Six Flags. "We're always looking for rides that spark innovative new concepts in the roller coaster world. We're constantly looking for concepts out there that will keep us as the leader of roller coaster innovation," she said.

No doubt, roller coaster enthusiasts everywhere will be flocking to Six Flags in Illinois to check out the new thrilling ride, Goliath, which made its way into the record books three times over.