New York Jets Sign Plaxico Burress To One Year Deal

The New York Jets have signed released inmate Plaxico Buress to a one year deal. Plaxico served two years in prison for carrying an unlicensed gun and shooting himself in the leg. It was believed that Plaxico might be heading back to the New York Giants before the Jets scooped him up.

Tweeting about his deal Burress said:

"East Coast here I come!"
QB Mark Sanchez then welcomed him to the team to confirm his move which will include $3.017 million for a single season if Burress is able to meet all performance based incentives.

The 33-year-old veteran hasn't played in the NFL since 2008 when he was convicted of shooting himself while at a New York night club. Burress is best known for catching the touchdown that won Super Bowl XLII for the Giants.