New Dad Killed By Stray Bullet: Steven Justin Ayers Dies After Neighbor’s Gun Discharges

A new dad was killed by a stray bullet that came from a neighbor’s home, leaving a family devastated. Stephen Justin Ayers, 33, died after being hit with a gunshot in the back of his head. The neighbor, 62-year-old Charles Edward Shisler, initially lied to authorities about the incident, then he said it was an accident.

According to the Jackson County Floridan, Shisler was arrested after the new dad was killed by the stray bullet. The tragic incident happened in Panama City, Florida, on Tuesday night. After the shot hit Justin Ayers, police responded to the 911 call and found Shisler in the yard at his home. When asked about the incident he first said “it was fireworks, an M80.” History indicates this isn’t the first time the man has tried to pass off such a story.

Authorities described Shisler as being “extremely belligerent” and he was soon arrested. As he was being questioned he said he had a 9mm gun, but he insisted the shooting was an accident. He reportedly told police that “the d**n gun doesn’t usually shoot” and “You have to squeeze the h**l out of the trigger to shoot it.” It seems as he picked the gun up by the trigger it fired through the screen door and into Ayers’ home.

A blood alcohol test on Charles Edward Shisler indicated that even several hours after the shooting he had a.079 BAC. He also happens to have a previous conviction for carrying a concealed firearm. He is now facing possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and manslaughter charges.

The new dad was killed by a stray bullet as the family gathered to welcome home Ayers’ first child who was born on Father’s Day. Ayers was a guitar teacher and musician who performed throughout the area with his wife Jessica in his band The Ayers, notes the News Herald. Justin’s wife and baby were in the home at the time of the shooting.

Authorities believe that the bullet went from Shisler’s house, through his yard and a wooded area, across the Ayers’ backyard and then into the home, traveling about 150 to 200 feet. WMBB notes that Shisler’s bail has been set at $175,000 for the two charges and his arraignment is set for August 5. It seems that neighbors had complained to the police about Shisler firing guns previously and there was a 911 call made in March. At that time, Charles Edward Shisler convinced the police that the sounds neighbors heard were fireworks. Sadly this time as Shisler monkeyed around with his guns, a new dad was killed by the stray bullet he fired. Florida has become known for some wild stories when it comes to crime, but this one is simply heartbreaking.

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